Acne disease sufferers experience a specific type of skin inflammation during which the human body produces excessive amounts of oil that reacts with the bacteria present in the top layer of the skin. Fish oil is known to be among the other treatments as it helps to control inflammation.

Fish oil is an effective neurotransmission regulator due to the presence of DHA and EPA acids that are considered as precursors to eicosanoids in it. Eicosanoids are fatty acid molecules that act as transmitters in the nervous system and therefore regulate numerous body functions. The process of regulation is very complex and requires reference to medical literature. However, the fact that the produced effect achieved in form of reduced inflammation and enhanced immune system is visible leaves no doubts about potency of the cure.

As it has been previously suggested fish oils improve control over neuro-signals responsible for production of excessive oil in skin glands. Once interference occurs among these signals this production gets limited to normal levels which do not cause the growth of acne. The most important part is that such control is absolutely natural with no harmful side-effects.

This is just another reason for making fish oil a part of the diet. Our body can not produce docosahexaenoic, eicosapentaenoic and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are required for acne treatment. Therefore, it is important to obtain them from external sources such as fish oil supplements.

Be warned, however, that fish oil supplements need to be produced from the tissues of fish like trout, tuna or salmon as the liver might contain dangerously high amounts of Vitamin A.

Oily rich fish supplements are easily available as soft-gel capsules and even gummies for kids that can be bought at your local drug store or online at approved retailers such as this one. These products can be taken orally right after the meal…

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